Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hardest Part of College

When someone ask me what is the hardest part of college, several things run through my mind. The first may be just what has troubled me that day. For instance, today's answer would be food. Yes the cliche answer of having to cook for myself. On the other hand if you asked me Saturday, my answer would have been being sick and my mom is not here to take care of me. The most difficult aspect of college is becoming responsible for yourself.

If you move out for college, you gain so many new responsibilities. For example. getting up on time for classes. Then actually going to classes. Now you have to make sure that you have clean clothes and food to eat. All of that can be overwhelming at first, but it gets easier I promise. After a few weeks, you will have a routine set up. For instance, my first class on Monday and Wednesday is not till 10:10 that means if I don't get up to swim I can do laundry. Tip laundry room is completely empty in the morning! If you struggle getting up in the morning, you have the freedom to determine when your first class will be. If you are not a morning person don't take an 8 am class. Now eventually you may have to take one but at least by then you have the hang of this college thing.

Each student struggles with different aspects of college at first, so don't compare your life with someone else's. Figure out the problem then work to see what helps you the most. But don't be scared to ask for help. Just because you are in college now doesn't mean you have all of the answers. There has been several times I called my mom about how to wash something or how to cook something. If you do mess up then learn from your mistakes and hopefully you can look back on in later and laugh.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Me and My Major

I pretty much always knew I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy. But how to get there hasn't always been so clear. I first started as a biology major. But once I arrived at South and I was informed I would have to take a foreign language I changed it. Advisers will tell you how hard it is to get into physical therapy school and it is! So, you should chose a major that you can fall back on in case things don't work out like you thought they would. That is why I chose exercise science as my major. Once I graduate in May, I know I have several different options available to me. I can attend physical therapy school or grad school. I can also become a physical trainer just to name a few. Exercise science is a great major where you  learn how the body responds to exercise. It has equipped me with knowledge that I know will be useful when  I get into physical therapy school. That's important because I don't want to feel like I wasted my time. Hopefully you will have no problem choosing your major.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Home Away from Home

Where to attend college is a pretty big decision that you have to make at a pretty young age. There are multiple factors that you should consider, like to go out of state or the size of the university. My senior year my father was very clear he was not paying out of state fees, so I knew to keep my search in state. But I love my home state of Alabama so that was not a big deal for me. I also knew I did not want to attend a large university. I wanted to be able to get to know my professors.

I looked at South while I was in high school, but that was about it. I went to a community college for two years after high school then transferred to South.  When it was time for me to transfer, I was between a university close to home and South Alabama. I wanted to know that I could make it on my own so I chose the school 5 hours away. And it has been one of the best decisions I have made! There are other reasons why I choose South, for example I wanted that campus atmosphere. We have a beautiful campus here in Mobile. Its not large and its not too small.

The location of South Alabama played a big role in my decision as well. We are only an hour away from the beach! The beach has always been one of my favorite places. I have enjoyed living so close to it for the past three years. I will be sad when I can't go to the beach for just a day. The town of Mobile is beautiful as well with its old home and massive tress with hanging Spanish moss. And lets not forget Mardi Gras. What other university in the state gets out for Fat Tuesday.

Lastly, but most importantly South has my major. South Alabama is one of four schools in the state that has a physical therapy department. The Allied Health building that houses our department is beautiful. It is one of our newer building so it has all the of current technologies. The resources you need for apply for physical therapy school is right at your finger tips. Even though at this moment I will not be attending physical therapy school at South, I am so glad I choose this university to be my alma mater.
My first visit to South Alabama

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Tips for the First Day

August 18, 2015 will be your first day of college! That may seem like a far off date right now, but don't wait till the last minute to get ready. Here are 5 tips for the first day.
  1. Know where your classes are! It will make the day go smoothly if you know in advance where the buildings and classrooms are located.
  2. Walk the route you are going to take to class before hand. This will help you determining how long it takes you to get there and when you should leave by to make sure you are on time. This tip works for those who are commuting as well. Drive the route and park in your designated parking lot the walk to the building to see how long it takes you. But remember to factor in school traffic. 
  3. Check your jagmail! You may have professors email you about the first day and what you need to bring. You can also check to see if your professors posted anything online through saki.
  4. Be prepared to work. The first day usually consists of going over the syllabus and what to expect in the class. But there are some classes that you will start the material the first day. 
  5. Don't forget to smile! Its the first day which is full of new people. Smile and talk to the person beside you. Don't worry about what they will think because they are in the same boat as you. 
South is such a friendly campus so don't be nervous! If you get lost or turned around just ask someone walking beside you where to go. I have been stopped countless times asking where a certain building is located. We have great professors here too, so if you are a few minutes late on the first day they will understand. But don't be late on purpose. No matter what stage of life we are in we all face first days, so there is no reason to panic. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Best Roommate!

I believe I have mentioned in a previous blog just how much I love my roommate. If not, then let me take this time to tell you. I was randomly assigned with my roommate when I first came to South and it could not have turned out better. Lilly, my roommate, is now one of my best friends, We have lived together for the past three years.  I would not change one thing about my living arrangements while I have attended South. Random roommate assignment can be scary, but it gives you the opportunity to meet someone not from your home town or state in my case. Lilly is from Atlanta, Georgia while I am from the Birmingham, Alabama area.
Our First Year Together
Lilly and I have lived on campus the past three years which is so convenient. We do not have to leave early for our classes to find parking. We just leave about 10 minutes before and arrive on time. Lilly is a meteorology major and I am an exercise science major; therefore, she teaches me about clouds and I teach her about the body and exercise. While our majors are very opposite we share many common interest. But the best thing about my random roommate is she has taught me so many new things. For example, she is minoring in computer programming and I now know more about computer language than I thought I ever would. 
Second Halloween 
This semester we have started taking yoga together and that has been so fun! I was able to take her to the beach for the first time and we have gone many times since. We also went to our first Mardi Gras parade together. When you live with the same person for three years you know everything about each other. Lilly and I swear we have the same brain. I will start to say something and she will chime in that she was thinking the same thing. Graduation is in May and I have no idea what I am going to do without her next fall! Regardless of what happens next year, I know South gave me a friend for a lifetime.
Then There Is This Year

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful For Friends!

There are many things for me to be thankful for as a South Alabama student. Mainly I am thankful for the friends I have made here! First of all, I am thankful for my great roommate that I was randomly assigned with when I moved here. We have lived with each other for the past three years. South would truly not be the same without her. We have made so many great memories and I know she will be a life long friend!
South is such a friendly campus, it is easy to make friends. Some of the people I became friends with my first year are still my friends to this day. For example, Christian who I met in my anatomy class. It was an 8 am class too and people are not very talkative that early in the morning. But Christian being her normal self started talking to me and I'm so glad she did!
 Then there are all the wonderful people I have met through work as a JagGuide and an orientation leader over the summer.
College deals a lot with the academic stuff but it is also about the people you met along the way. These are the people that make the stress of school bearable. So when you are ready to just give up you have someone tell you that you can do it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where You Can Find Me On Campus!

One of the main reasons I chose to attend South Alabama instead of  UAB is that I wanted that campus atmosphere. University of Alabama at Birmingham or UAB is in the heart of Birmingham and I didn't want to go to an urban school. South has a great campus, its not too big or too small. We have a beautiful campus which makes it enjoyable to walk to my classes. Some of my favorite places on campus is the Moulton Bell Tower. This summer I sat there for hours and read. My new favorite place is the student center that reopened last Spring after it was renovated. There are tons of places to sit and work on homework or get a coffee from Java City and catch up with friends. South is blessed to have beautiful weather which includes a mild winter and the student center has tables outside where you can enjoy it. If you have not visited our lovely campus yet, do your self a favor and come on down. We have daily tours and we have Saturday preview days called USA Day. Let us show you where your new favorite spot will be!