Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Professor Makes All The Difference!

While at South Alabama I have had  great professors and classes. One professor that comes to mind is Dr. Mitchell. I have had him for Exercise Physiology, Sport and Conditioning, and Drug Ed. Because of him these were some of my favorite classes. Dr. Mitchell is not your normal professor. He doesn't wear a suite and tie every day instead he might be wearing a Foo Fighters t-shirt. He looks like your typical surfer guy because he is one. Dr. Mitchell is original from California and did not go straight through college. He worked some odd jobs so he always has a good story to tell in class. He is a professor you are not shy to stop him and ask him questions in class. When asked questions he goes in depth about the subject resulting in you having a better understanding of the material. He makes the class and learning enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to all of my exercise science majors!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! No I'm not chanting United States of America, but University of South Alabama! You don't know school spirit until you are in a crowded student section of a game and are chanting that with them. That represents school spirit to me more than anything. U-S-A just rolls off the tongue because I'm sure everyone of you has said it before. But have you yelled it before? The feeling of school spirit just fills the atmosphere. Even the timid and shy fans do not hesitate to join in. South Paw and Miss Pawla are always either in the crowd or leading the chant. I think we have two of the greatest mascots! I'm afraid my words have not done the feeling of yelling are letters justice. You will just have to come to a game to see what I am talking about. And join in!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Best Time Of Your Life!

College is full of some many new experiences as long as you are open to them. I was so excited to move to Mobile and see what South had in store for me. I have had so much fun these past three years. Two of my favorite memories are playing oozeball and being a Southbound orientation leader this past summer. 

Oozeball is a long standing tradition here at South Alabama were you play volleyball in the mud. Mud so thick and deep once you get into the court you can not move. I played last spring with some other jag guides and we had a blast. When the day was over I was covered in mud from head to toe. We did not win a game but that did not  bother me because we were laughing the whole time. I do not know many other universities where you can play mud volleyball. I cant wait for this spring so we can play again.

I was fortunate to be able to be a Southbound orientation leader this past summer. It was so much fun getting to work with fellow students I had not meet before and becoming fast friends. That is what happens when you have to be up and ready at 5:45 in the summertime.  I also enjoyed getting to meet all of the incoming freshman and showing them around their new home. I would say we had a fun time touring campus, visiting the college fair, eating lunch together and registering them for classes. I was able to tell them all about the wonderful things here at South and tell them why I love it so much here. 

Who knows if i would have been able to experience these things if I had not come to South. You just have to not be scared to step out of your comfort zone or life will just pass you by. 


Southbound Orientation

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Senior CheckList

Senior year of high school is the busiest year. You will be going to prom, taking senior pictures, taking the ACT and applying for colleges and that is just naming a few of the things. As if that is not enough you need to start preparing for college.

Here is a few things to make sure you get done before graduation! If you have not visited colleges yet, you should make time to see them in person.Take the Act until you get the score you need. I only took it a few times because my score was just average. I wish I would have took it more to try for a better score. Hopefully you know what you want to major in, but if not try to shadow a professional. This will give you hands on experience in the field that you are interested in. If your major requires grad school do some research into whether or not they have an early acceptance program. If they do that may be a goal that you set for yourself. These are just a few things to start considering. The most important thing is to remember have fun! You will never get your senior year of high school back so enjoy it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Free Time is the Best Time

One of the great things about college is you are not stuck in class from 8 to 3 like high school. If you register on time your class schedule can be where you don't even go to class two days a week or you are done by lunch everyday, so knowing what to do with free time can be new. You can choose to spend it like many college students and take a nap. But if you feel like you need to make your free time more productive you can always use that time to do homework or study. That is what I tried to do with my newly found free time. A helpful tip is do your laundry during that time especially if it is a time where most people have classes. You won't have to worry about if there is a washing machine available. Also the rec center is not as crowded in the middle of the day as it is in the evening, so you could always get your workout in at that time. As a senior I would just like to say enjoy that free time while it last! This year I am interning Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then I am shadowing a physical therapist on Tuesday and Thursday. I also have classes every day of the week and I work so this year my free time is limited.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Go! Fight! Win!

It is the most wonderful time of the year again! It is football season. I love to watch football as much as any guy does. But there is just something different when you are actually at the game rather than watching it at home.That being said, I am so excited for the Mississippi State game this weekend. It is going to be a packed stadium which means the atmosphere is going to be electrifying! The student section is always so much fun. I remember my first South game. I went with  my roommate and we rode the shuttle to the game which was fun being on there with other South fans. We got to the stadium and walked around all the tents that were set up. Then once the game was about to start we headed in to find a seat. And let me tell you it was HOT that day! A visit to concession stand was a must for water.  Despite the heat we had so much fun sitting in the student section cheering the Jags on. You may not know this but it is a tradition to where the students don't sit during the game so I was looking forward to half time so I could sit and enjoy the marching band. Once half time was over though it was back to standing. Once the game was over we rode the shuttle back. I was tired but was so glad I got to experience my first South Alabama football game.

Riding the shuttle to our first game!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Senior to Freshman

How is college different than high school? Is a question many students ask their senior year. They wonder how they will handle the transition from high school to college. I personally had two transitions, high school to community college then community college to South Alabama. Both of these times shared things in common but were also different.

High school to college is the biggest transition of your young adult life. You go from seeing the same group of students everyday to not knowing anyone. That may seem like a really scary thing but actually it is a great way to force you out of your comfort zone and make new friends. Another big difference is what is expected of you. Your college professors expect more from you than your high school teachers. My tip to help with that is become organized and manage your time wisely. Another tip is don't be a afraid to talk to your professors after class or go by their office. Here at South we are lucky that we have smaller classes which allows us to have a more personal relationship with our professors. 

If you choose to do two years at a community college like I did, the transition to a university is not that difficult. If you use those two years to form good studying habits then you will not have any trouble. Some people may advise you that classes will be harder at your new college but don't let that scare you. Remember you are two years older and wiser than when you graduated high school. Its hard to believe that it has almost been five years since I graduated high school! It has gone by so fast! 

Graduation Night with my best friend